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Additional Resources Related to “Fera is Frustrated”

Sensory Overload


Sensory overload: Symptoms, causes, and treatment

by Medical News Today

Sensory overload is the overstimulation of one or more of the body’s five senses.

Mother Working from Home

It is a Sensory Issue? Symptoms and Signs of Sensory Issues in Children

by Griffinot

Calm Down Corner


Calm Down Corner - A Positive Tool for Regulating Emotions

by Popsicles And Play


How To Create The Perfect Calm Down Corner For

Your Spirited Child

by Mindfulmazing


Free Calm Down Printables to Add to Your Calming Corner

by The Mommy View

calm down corner or area is a wonderful tool to use with kids who are quick to anger.

Emotion Coaching

Screenshot 2021-12-15 185024.jpg

Information for Parents and Caregivers - Emotion Coaching


Image by Artem Nedzelskiy

Why Are Some Children More Easily Frustrated Than Others? Irritability and the Brain

by Frontiers

Video Resources

Sensory Overload

Calm Down Corner

Emotion Coaching

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