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Reading to Children - Tips & Techniques - "Itchy Bear" Neil Griffiths - ELC

Reading to Children - Tips & Techniques - "Itchy Bear" Neil Griffiths - ELC

Neil Griffiths, passionate storyteller and former headteacher, shares some of his tips and techniques for keeping children engaged and entertained with reading. Many parents feel ill-equipped to tell a good bedtime story and hard pressed to find the time to do so; with Itchy Bear- a story about a bear that just can't stop itching, your little ones won't be able to get enough of your storytelling prowess. View Neil's books on When we’re small, our imagination is big, wild and exciting. You can help to channel this, and develop reading and communication skills through storytelling. Reading to your little ones is also a great way to spend some quality time with one another. Here at Early Learning Centre [], we are joining forces with children’s author Neil Griffiths, who is known internationally for his unique storytelling gift and exceptional energy. As a successful writer, head teacher for 13 years and director of a National Literacy Project for the Basic Skills Agency, Neil has been asked by plenty of publishers and institutions to contribute his wealth of experience over the years. He’s able to capture a child’s attention, imagination and creativity through his storytelling. Here are some inspiring top tips taken from the expert himself, which you can use to help keep story time magical. 1. Talk to your children 2. Play is vital 3. Be your child’s reading role model 4. Read aloud regularly 5. Put your books on show
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