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Additional Resources Related to “Fera is Darkness”

Understanding Fear

Image by Alexandra Gorn

Understanding Fear

by PsychMechanics

This article will help you in understanding fear, where it comes from, and the psychology of irrational fears. Key ideas for overcoming fear are also ideas.

Image by Vadim Bogulov

7 Things You Need to Know About Fear

by Psychology Today

Fear can be uncomfortable and crippling. But eliminating it would be the equivalent of taking down your home alarm system because it sometimes makes loud and irritating sounds.


Coping with Fear: Face It, Understand It, Overcome It

by Psychology Today


Understanding Childhood Fears and Anxieties

by Healthy Children

Regulating Emotion Through Conscious Breathing

Image by Fabian Møller

How Breathing Calms Your Brain

by Psychology Today

Image by Elijah Hiett

The Power of Deep Breathing: 7 Techniques and Exercises

by Positive Psychology 

Image by madison lavern

What Is Mindful Breathing? Exercises, Scripts, and Videos

by Positive Psychology 


Take a Breath: 5 Deep Breathing Exercises that Help Kids Get Calm

by Kinder Care


4 Fun Breathing Exercises For Children

by Exploring Your Mind

Desensitization Techniques To Overcome Fear

Image by M.T ElGassier

Systematic Desensitization as a Counter-conditioning Process

by Simply Psychology

Woman Stalked in Garage

All About Fear: How It’s Connected to Health and How to Face the Ones You Have

by Everyday Health

Video Resources

Understanding Fear

Regulating Emotion Through Conscious Breathing

Regulating Emotion Through Conscious Breathing

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